Coaching Candor Community

Coaching Candor Community

Coaching Candor CommunityCoaching Candor CommunityCoaching Candor Community

Trusted coaching to help you discover + share the best version of you!

There's Power In Conversation, Let's build!

All About You


I know you're unique, truth seeking, and maybe even a little rebellious. Umi Speaks is about opening discussions that explore areas of life we can all use insight on. The content featured is centered in spiritual wellness through studies that interest you, like astrology,  metaphysics and inner alchemy. 

Bridging The Gap


Your faith is your faith. Here we aim to demystify the mystical, respectfully, so that you can step out of the dark and onto your path that is your purpose. No one has it all figured it out, but what a relief to find knowledge that speaks to your soul and awakens your need for truth + transformation.

Healing The Mind


When it comes to personal transformation, I understand peeling back the layers is the only way to get to the core of who you are. That's where the jewels are.  Time is unveiling the lost art of inner work and spiritual psychology that serves to heal even the deepest of trauma.  A sound mind saves itself.


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